About Us
As a leading crypto mining hardware and service provider, Fengwo serves thousands of miners, and provides operation service for hundreds of thousands of mining servers all over the world. As a new creative blockchain, EOS achieves the ideal balance between performance and decentralization. EOS Fengwo will focus on encouraging the adoption of the EOS Blockchain.
What We Can Do For The Community
Professional Team
Our technical team maintain hundreds of thounds of mining servers for various crypto-currencies and provide 7x24-hour uninterrupted service for our customers. With its extensive server maintenance experience, we can provide a robust and reliable service for EOS networks.
Investing & Incubation
We will invest and incubate high-quality EOS related projects, especially creative EOS-based DAPP projects and provide comprehensive support including but not limit to funds, training, technology and operation for them.
Maintain Consensus
All team members are enthusiasts of EOS, believe that EOS will help to build the new internet of value. We are willing to contribute to the development of the EOS community and keep a high degree of consensus with the community.
Our Team

Alex Chen


Alex is a blockchain technology believer with over 15 years of development & management experience. Prior to the launch, he co-founded Chaindigg, and worked for Evernote and Oracle.

Jackey Lin


Jackey is co-founder & COO of Fengwo and partner of Candy Capital. He is an experienced miner and has thorough knowledge and deep understanding in cryptocurrency mining.